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Are you an At Homer?

Well, an At Homer, is a someone who does it from home, mostly working, but parenting, treating, cleaning, all that housewife stuff. Gotta love it! Anyways, I have found so many great resources all over the internet that I use in my homemaking, and I love to share and to help other people. I am a fixer, I was born that way, you give me a problem and I want to fix it, and not only that, if I even see a problem without being asked I want to fix, and sometimes try to. I tell ya it is more of a curse than a blessing. I drive my family crazy.

So, anyways being an At Homer covers what I mainly like to do, be at home, have the freedom to work when my family needs it, and be a mom. I love my little babies, and even though they can drive me up a wall and through the roof sometimes, it is so worth it. The way I look at it is when I am old I will be able to look back without regret. Now I know that not everyone can stay home, but just to explain for most of the women I know it is a sacrifice. Not having the extra income makes it difficult to pay the bills, put food on the table, and cloth these kids. And that is where I started using the internet as a huge resource to me, I love to learn so I search online for what I need, and if I find something cool or helpful along the way I like to share it.

Sharing my resources is mostly what this site is about, it has been under construction for quite some time and will continue to be worked on, for a long time to come. I still search online, and when I find something I think is absolutely fantastic for a homemaker I will post it here. So until next time, check out my pages and links.

-The At Homer.



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